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Most of Powernet’s fabrics are knitted & woven from imported synthetic yarns like nylon, polyester and spandex fibres. Powernet currently manufactures and supplies warp-knitted fabrics that range from elastic, tricot, brushed tricot, meshed tricot, microfibre, etc.

Powernet’s products are used by renowned international brands worldwide and play an integral role in the world’s leading fashion trends. Powernet’s main markets are used in product applications such as :-

Lingerie           - brassieres, panties, camisoles, girdles, sleepwear and hook-and-eye tapes

Apparel            - sportswear lining, track suits and others

Automotive      - car cushion, head rest lining, head lining and others

Household       - mattress stitch-in-fabrics, furnishing, blinds and others

Footwear         - inner lining and inner sole lining in sports shoes and industrial safety shoes