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Powernet first started as a manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics from synthetic yarns for lingerie industry. Through astute diversification and consolidation which widened its production base, the company has also extended productions in other warp-knitted and woven fabrics that are used in the product applications such as lingerie, apparel, automotive, household, shoe and industrial products. Other services include hot-melt lamination, slit bindings, hook-and-eye tapes and fittings, rings and slides, etc. Powernet has fully integrated manufacturing facilities and all processes are done in-house.

There is a need to emphasize that Powernet is one of the few hot melt laminators which also produces knitted/dyed/finished fabrics for the global market. This is a process of binding materials together through the extremely precise control of the coating of adhesives. The many benefits of this hot-melt lamination are as follows :-

1. Full technical support

2. Shorter lead times

3. Competitive prices

4. Durable/Flexible/Mouldable

5. Fully adaptable to all areas of performance

6. Superior finishing and high level performance

7. Fully laboratory tested