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Powernet first started as a manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics from synthetic yarns for the lingerie industry. Through astute diversification, the company now also produces warp-knitted that are used in the product application of apparel, household, automotive, shoe, bedding and industrial products manufacturing sectors.

Not only is Powernet the leading manufacturer of warp-knitted fabrics, it is also the leading manufacturer of elastromeric fabric for the lingerie industry in Malaysia. This special elastromeric fabric comprises either LYCRA® by Invista or Roica by Asahi.

The company supplies 80% of its materials to the export market, such as Philippines, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Iran, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand and South Africa, and the rest to the local market.

By anticipating market trends and advances in technology, Powernet aims to be renowned globally as a company that stays at the forefront of technology in producing products of high quality and integrity.